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Why dental pulp stem cell banking is vital?

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My Surrogacy Journey® is committed to changing the landscape of surrogacy support. Our latest collaboration is with Future Health Biobank sets us apart from others in this space. For us surrogacy support goes beyond matching intended parents to surrogates. In Future Healths 20 year history, they have become the UK’s largest and most advanced stem cell bank.

What is Dental Pulp?

The dental pulp in a healthy child’s milk tooth is full of stem cells. When a child loses a milk tooth, they gain the possibility of extracting and storing these mesenchymal stem cells for potential therapeutic use in the future.

We’re excited about dental pulp stem cells because they are present in over 1,000 clinical trials for things like diabetes and autism, in fact, Future Health have released samples for families for clinical trials these conditions. 

For parents who missed out on the chance to store their baby’s cord blood stem cells, this provides a second opportunity to store stem cells. For parents who have stored cord blood, this is an additional chance to collect and store a different type of stem cell. 

Learn More

Get a free info pack from Future Health and if you’re a member at My Surrogacy Journey, log into the portal and view their listing to receive your discount codes.

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