My Surrogacy Journey Online Portal – have you logged in lately?

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We pride ourselves on our Portal and the services it provides to our members. Membership Experience Manager Kelly Dwyer talks us through some important changes and updates so it can continue to deliver.

Here at My Surrogacy journey we look to provide you with exceptional professional, practical and emotional support throughout your journey, whatever course you may take.

But we’re also extremely proud not only of all the benefits we’ve added to your membership, but of our exclusive online members only portal.

It’s not only an essential part of your journey, as it houses your profile (which will be shared and matched with other applicable members when it’s time), but it also contains a host of other resources that we wanted to highlight today to make sure you are all getting the most from your membership.  

Make sure you view the Directory Search on your dashboard for access to booking time with your MSJ coordinators, viewing info on our partners and how they can help you, services you may require links to, shopping links with exclusive MSJ discounts –  it’s basically your one stop shop for everything you need no matter what point in the pathway you’re at.  Your Directory dashboard is tailored to you so you’ll only be able to access icons relevant to your personal journey.

Take a look at the new profile we have just added for Future Health Bio Bank.

Over their 20-year history, Future Health have become the UKs largest and most advanced stem cell bank.

Log on now and find out why over 100,000 families have chosen them…

We’ve also just added a new section called NHS Surrogacy Policies, which will prove vital when you get to that point in your journey. Learn about your local hospitals policies and procedures and raise any necessary queries with your coordinator.

Keep checking in – we’re always updating and adding new content and we’d love your feedback on anything you’d like to see or think we could improve.

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