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This is the Beginning of your surrogacy journey

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My Surrogacy Journey – Launching

This month the UK will prepare itself for a new Surrogacy nonprofit organisation to launch. The wonderful project is the work of Michael and Wes Johnson-Ellis, gay Dads and founders of TwoDadsUK and The Modern Family Show 2021. The couple, for the last 5 years have both changed the direction of their careers, and dedicated it to helping those struggling with infertility, collaborating with brands such as Ferring Pharmaceuticals with their Fertility Awks and Project Family campaign. ‘We wanted to set up an social media account to document our fertility journey, the highs and lows, but ultimately we wanted something that would not only normalise our family, but also give other LGBTQ people hope that having having a family through surrogacy is possible’ Michael says. ‘Getting more people talking about infertility and fertility issues was the first issue, those struggling with infertility often feel isolated and alone, and we wanted TwoDadsUK to become a platform that would bring together Fertility bloggers and podcasters, with a collective goal to raise awareness.’ Wes adds.

The couple have two children of their own via UK Surrogacy, Talulah was born in 2016 and Duke was born in 2019. Michael and Wes built their family with the help of an amazing woman named Caroline. They also had two separate egg donors, one of them is anonymous and the other was a friend and co-founder of My Surrogacy Journey, Fertility Nurse and UK Surrogacy expert, Francesca Steyn.

Michael and Wes had a vision three years ago, they wanted to create something different within the Surrogacy community. A membership which offered benefits to everyone, heterosexual or LGBTQ. Whether you were an Intended Parent, a Surrogate or a Known Egg Donor. They have spent just over two and a half years working tirelessly to create a much anticipated and welcomed alternative, complete with a beautiful brand too.

The thing with Surrogacy, as an Intended Parent [or Surrogate], you don’t know what you don’t know. Professional tailored support is lacking. It can make such a difference to your journey, but you wont appreciate it till you come out the other end.

Michael Johnson-Ellis
It’s all about our Members

My Surrogacy Journey will guide everyone on a Surrogacy journey. By offering various unique Memberships each with individualised benefits, whether your journey takes place in the UK, Canada or the US, there is a Membership designed for each route. Specifically designed pathways have been created to support Members with professional counselling and practical and emotional support. Even the use of fertility technology plays a role within membership. Currently the Membership is launching in the UK, followed by across Europe in the Summer.

Whether its information gathering or understanding the current law, or perhaps it’s choosing a clinic. Through to trying to conceive and getting to grips with the ‘science bit’. We’re even there all the way through to bringing your baby home. How about having your very own Doula supporting you when you need it most? My Surrogacy Journey has thought of everything to give you a stress free journey. With its unique service offering of professional ‘Surrogate Matching and Support’ and exclusive partnerships. My Surrogacy Journey are offering something set to change the landscape within Surrogacy, both in the UK and Internationally.

Creating a balanced membership environment was key, no party should feel more in control – this is everyones journey…

Wes Johnson-Ellis

My Surrogacy Journey also has one of the most impressive team of Surrogacy Advisory Boards in the UK. A strong team of fifteen experts, Clinicians, Lawyers, Counsellors, Educators, Surrogates and Consultants are all contributing and shaping future support. Stay tuned for their incredible guest blogs too.

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  • Katie wingrove

    Hi there, my husband and I are looking into the sarrogacy option for our 4th child. After many miscarriages and unhealthy, problematic pregnancies we have decided to choose this route for our last baby. I obviously have no knowledge and feel very much overwhelmed with all of the articles and websites online. I would love to have some experienced advice from you guys and look for arc to hearing from you soon. Regards, Katie

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