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What is Hypnobirthing for Surrogacy?

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You may be wondering why hypnobirthing education is a member benefit at My Surrogacy Journey, especially when the classes start before you’ve even matched with an IP or surrogate. Let me share with you what it is all about.

What is Mindful Birth® hypnobirthing?

Mindful Birth® hypnobirthing takes the fear and unknown out of birth. Fear often occurs when you are faced with a new situation, because your body pushes you into fight or flight mode to protect you ‘just in case’. So when you go into a new situation such as the  birth of a baby, you’re inevitably going to feel cautious at best, but scared is probably more likely. So taking away the unknown through the birth education, and learning how to relax through the hypnobirthing & mindfulness techniques, you’ll be set up to enjoy the process rather than fear it.

This could be for physiological birth or abdominal birth, as both are highly physical and emotional experiences for everyone involved.

Mindful Birth® education and hypnobirthing courses are all about focusing on controlling the controllable’s and letting go of what cannot be changed. Practicing this mindset before the birth of the baby and packing your toolbox with practical ways to control what IS in your control can set you up for the most positive of experiences- no matter how the birth happens.

Understanding your birth options and how  to set up the birth space to be optimal for everyone involved, including baby are just some of the things members will learn on the Mindful Birth® courses at My Surrogacy Journey. Learning how simple acts such as mindful breathing & visualisation can help you as a surrogate or an intended parent are also a central parts of the course.

Why is birth education such an important member benefit?

Well, as a hypnobirthing teacher and past surrogate myself, I fully understand that decisions along the surrogacy journey can be very complex. There are lots of fully invested people involved who all have different emotional needs when it comes to baby finally coming into the world. Knowing what your preferences are in terms of birth place will help to match IP’s to the right surrogate for them and their wishes for their baby. 

Yes, the safe arrival of baby is important, but it’s also important everyone feels confident that they have been a part of the decisions made for where, when and how baby is born. It really is incredible that My Surrogacy Journey are including Mindful Birth® preparation as part of the member benefits, as it really does show that it is all about the members, their experiences and their well-being along the way. 

If you have any questions about the Mindful Birth® courses, please feel free to contact Emiliana

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