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Introducing New Foods to Fussy Eaters

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Hi, I’m Holly, a Paediatric food consultant, Norland Nanny and Founder of Nanny Cooks!  

I support and empower parents through the challenges of fussy eaters, using tried and tested tips, tricks, recipes and meal plans. I help to take the stress of mealtimes off their plate and add a spoonful of fun! 

Having nannied across the world, I have supported young ones, from babies, who are weaning, all the way up to 12-year-old children and I have come across a fair few fussy eaters along the way. This has led me to create a bank of resources to help deal with the challenges of fussy eaters and test out tricks to help prevent it.  

I get it, mealtimes can be a struggle as it is. Never mind having to introduce fussy eaters to new foods. This can be particularly overwhelming when having to consider dietary needs and allergies, for example milk and wheat.

5 Top Tips

I am often asked by parents how I introduce new foods to fussy eaters. So, here are 5 of my top tips:

  1. Giving options Children like to feel in control of what they are eating and this is particularly the case with fussy eaters. We want to empower children to be curious eaters and make positive eating choices. By giving children options you are doing exactly that. Letting the child choose how they would like to try the new foods. For example, if you want them to try sweet potato, offer three different ways you can serve it. Mashed, as wedges or in a curry for instance. Then let the child be in control of what they choose. This helps to empower them and increase the chance of them eating the food.
  • Time of day – When we are tired we want comfort and are often not up for trying new things. The same applies to children. You want to choose your time wisely and probably avoid evenings, as children can get too tired and overwhelmed by the process. Opt for a time of day when they are alert and relaxed, as they are more likely to engage in this process. Helping to create a more positive eating environment.
  • Play it safe – We don’t want to overwhelm children with a whole plate of new foods. This can put them off the whole meal. We want to play it safe by serving a small amount of new foods to accompany foods that they know and love (safe foods). For example serving a Dahl with pitta bread fingers to dip in. Exposing children to the new tastes whilst providing that familiarity and comfort that children crave.
  • Involvement This is a big one for me, and a tip I always encourage when dealing with fussy eaters. This doesn’t solely link to children trying new foods and we don’t need to overcomplicate it. However, by enabling a child to be involved in a meal you are encouraging them to interact and take ownership over the food being prepared. Therefore increasing the chances of them eating the food, whilst teaching them crucial life skills (win, win). Children can be involved in a number of ways, including helping with the meal plans, choosing ingredients, peeling vegetables, chopping foods or simply laying the table.
  • Remaining Calm – We have all been there, spending time sourcing and preparing new dishes, excited for a child to try, for them to push it away the second it hits the table. This feels disappointing, right? However, remaining calm is crucial (I appreciate this can be easier said than done). Children will feed off our emotions at the dinner table and so it is important to keep this as a positive experience for all, helping to reduce a child’s anxiety to the food in front of them.

I know this can all seem overwhelming, trust me I have been there, with screaming children, tired and unsure how to encourage them to eat the food. However,  these 5 tips can help to take the stress of mealtimes off your plate and add a spoonful of fun for the whole family!  

For more information head over to my website  

All the best,  


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