It’s all about our Members

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When we say ‘it’s all about our Members’, we mean it. For us, Members are Surrogates, Intended Parents, Known Egg Donors and those offering services (Directory Members) to our Membership community, via the member portal.

It’s all about our members

It is our promise to our Members that they are provided with the necessary emotional, practical, and logistical support at every stage of the parenting journey.  We have thought of every single step in the process so that our intended parents can educate, prepare and budget for their journey. This is why we have developed individual Membership benefits around each Member, ensuring we’re as unique as your own surrogacy journey is.

We know from experience, both bitter and sweet, that a successful surrogacy journey relies on everyone involved being emotionally, legally, and medically informed thus ensuring that every relationship is built on honesty and transparency.  The vital importance of preparation, knowledge and support cannot be overstated for a responsible and successful surrogacy journey.  We have seen too many times that shortcutting the journey has found people lost and unable to reach their destination.

This is why we’ve created exceptional levels of service, support and benefits all packed in several Memberships, never seen before from a UK nonprofit Surrogacy organisation.

What is included within IP Membership?

Firstly, each Membership is tailored to your journey. We offer IP membership for both UK and US/Canada surrogacy journeys, which vary in benefits. The IP Concierge Membership Roadmap is divided into eight crucial and defined journey stages each of which are packed with essential resources to support you, right when you need it.  We have detailed the roadmap for each membership on our website, in the Membership section. We have outlined each of the eight stages and the benefits you will need at each point. Or click here for our e-brochure and benefits for UK Same Sex / UK Heterosexual or International Surrogacy through My Surrogacy Journey.

How long is Membership valid for?

The two-year membership fee includes all the benefits listed on the membership roadmap.  Should you wish to put your membership on hold before a confirmed pregnancy, then you can up to maximum of six months.  This allows you can take the time you need away from the process and restart your journey when you ready. You can also look at extending your membership should your journey take longer than you expected.  Please note that for when you are ready, sibling journey discounts fees are available

Professional Surrogate Matching and Support

Professional Surrogate Matching and Support Membership

Our unique Surrogate professional Matching & Support service has been designed around those Intended Parents and Surrogates who want exceptional service and support throughout their Surrogacy journey.  It has been carefully and sensitively created to ultimately ensure IP(s) and Surrogates have equal choice. Neither party should feel more in control – this is everyone’s journey.

There are over 50 individual benefits for Surrogates who choose to be Member with My Surrogacy Journey.

The Surrogate Matching and Support bolt-on will not only match you with a surrogate but it will also ensure that you surrogate and her family are fully supported before, during and after your pregnancy.  Some of the benefits for the Surrogate include up to 8 hours professional counselling and emotional support for the IP(s) and the surrogate (and their partner if they have one), Health screening, DBS checks (and their partner), 2 years life insurance, legal support, professional birthing support, injection support from a Fertility Nurse, e-Midwife support throughout, NACE-24 genetic screening via our genetic partner Igenomix, at 10 weeks gestation, pregnancy Yoga, a postnatal support programme to include weight management support if required.  We’ve even included a Merlin Pass for a family of four to ensure everyone’s taken care of whilst you enjoy your own thrill-seeking journey. Above all of this your Surrogate will have her own dedicated single point of contact via our experienced Surrogate team. Check the Surrogate roadmap on the membership section of our website for a complete list of benefits. Or Click here for the full Membership Pack for Surrogates.

Known Egg Donor Matching & Support

Offering Known Egg Donor Matching

We’ve witnessed a rising demand from Intended Parents wanting Known Egg Donors, due to varying factors. These may be cost, clinic wait times, ethnic donor availability or simply the fact they’d like to know their donor.

We’ve partnered exclusively with Fenomatch to assist with matching Intended Parents to our Known Egg Donors, utilising the latest technology available. Using a simple photograph of the Intended Parent(s) their algorithm scans more than 12,000 data points in order to help find the donor with the greatest biometric similarity. What does it mean? Well in short, it means that the technology gives you more information to help you make a decision on your donor which will potentially help you create a donor-conceived child that are more likely to look like their parents. We will also ensuring your donor is onboarded effectively, and we’ve included Carrier CGT Plus with our genetics partner Igenomix, in the membership benefits because we take genetics and screening so seriously. We’ve also included one year membership with Donor Conception Network, as well as two hours BICA accredited specialist counselling. Check the Known Egg Donor Roadmap within the Memberships section of our website.

It’s all about our Members

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